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Music, Games, and Stories

Crafting Adventures and Sound

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Welcome to my official site! I'm Joshua McLean: game designer, fantasy writer, and electronic music maker. I've been honing skills across these three forms since I was a child, and I'm thrilled to share my passion with a wide and diverse audience. Here, you'll find more information about my work, influences, process, and approach to life. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!

My Work


2024 (Forthcoming)

The worlds of elemental magic and tile-matching puzzle collide in Elwick! Clear your grid and craft spells in a fight for your life or solve dastardly puzzles. Explore the intrigues of the Mage Academy in a single-player campaign, meeting and unlocking playable characters with unique powers. I designed the game, the first published experience in my world of Islyndor. Wishlist the game on Steam!

Voyage of Interstellar Drive

March 2024

Journey across the stars with nearly an hour of electronic tracks ranging from dancey electro vibes to calm spacey ambient. Stream or download from your favorite music store here.

Domino House (Soundtrack)

October 2020

My original ambient soundtrack for the grayscale point-and-click  "escape the house" adventure Domino House features moody pads, unexpected plucks, and a mellow - but definitely dark - overall vibe. Head to this link to download or stream on your favorite music service, including and Steam.


"You cannot learn if you are unwilling to be wrong."


Custom Music

I am open for commission to work on soundtracks for video games (or even film). For samples, check out my YouTube music demo reel or SoundCloud music.

Services include music composition and production. I can also provide consultation for existing music to help shape it toward your game's desired player experience

I cannot accept royalty share payments.

If you're interested, contact me by email, DM on Twitter, or message on Discord.

Writing Services

I offer a variety of writing services including website content, stories, education (particularly math and computer science), editing, and proofreading.

I have written several math and computer science lessons for Shmoop, Inc., and you can see some of my published articles on Gamers Decide.

If you're interested, hire me through Upwork.

Game Design

I offer design consultation services for video games. With over five years experience hosting game jams on for the 8 Bits to Infinity community, I have examined and critiqued thousands of game prototypes to hone my skills in design feedback.

I am putting these skills to the test with my upcoming game Elwick.

If you're interested, contact me by email, DM on Twitter, or message on Discord.

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